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Hard Water Fishing

The Benefits of Hard Water Fishing

Hard water fishing is an exciting and challenging way to catch fish. It’s a unique type of fishing that requires special techniques and equipment, but the rewards are worth it. In this blog post, we will discuss why hard water fishing is so popular and how you can take advantage of it when out on the lake. 

What is Hard Water Fishing? 


Hard water fishing is a type of ice fishing where anglers use specialized rods, reels, and lures to catch fish through a hole in the ice. It’s often done in shallow or deep waters using heavy weighted jigs or spoons. This type of fishing requires patience and skill because you must be able to identify when the fish are biting and know how to read the conditions on the surface of the water. 

Benefits Of Hard Water Fishing 


Hard water fishing has several benefits over traditional open-water angling techniques. For starters, hard water fishermen have greater accuracy and control over their bait presentation due to the confined nature of the hole in which they are fishing. Additionally, since there is no need for a boat or large amounts of gear, it’s much easier to transport your supplies from one spot to another with minimal effort. Finally, during winter months when other forms of angling may be more difficult due to inclement weather conditions, hard water fishermen have an advantage because they can still access areas that open-water anglers cannot reach due to frozen lakes and rivers. 


 At LOTW Ice Sleepers & Eco Tours, we are passionate about hard water fishing and helping anglers have the best experience possible. Our experienced guides are here to share their knowledge and help you get the most out of your day on the ice. Contact us today to learn more!  

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