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Dustin Brown has been living and working in the tourism industry on Lake of the Woods his entire life. 


His family moved from Chicago just before Dustin was born and he has worked as a tourist operator for over 14+ year’s and enjoys showing customer’s the side of Lake of the Woods they’ve never seen before while also delivering a world-class customer experience each and every visit!

the Ice Castle rentals is only natural and we are extremely excited to welcome each and everyone of you to experience what our ‘back yard’ has to offer for you.

Along for the experience is Dustin’s partner, Jenny whom co-operates with him and their two young children Rush, and Kali.

It’s safe to say - LOTW Ice Sleepers is a true family owned and operated business in the North!

LOTW Ice Sleepers Nov22-33.jpg

Dustin has been guiding hard-water ice fishing most of his life, so moving into

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