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                   Lake of the Woods Fishing Report

July 2023 Fishing Report

Fishing this this month has been once again fantastic!
Walleye Fishing, Bass Fishing, Crappie Fishing, Lake Trout Fishing, and Musky fishing (Muskie Fishing).
The weather has been warmer then normal with 
temperatures ranging some days from 86F to 98F with extreme muggy weather. 
This hasn't drastically effected the fish much, but we've noticed Walleyes in shallower depths, while Musky fishing has seen more of the Muskies in back, weedy bays.

The air quality this month has been changing often with windy days blowing in the smoke from the ranging wild fire around Canada. Lately the air has been clear with great visibility.

For Walleye Fishing, pink or orange fluorescent 3/8oz jigs with minnows are working best, while those catching Musky are having great success throw Mepp's #5 bait, with white fur.

Water levels are a little under normal, but all and all fishing has never been better!

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