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Corporate Ice Fishing Retreats 

Group retreats, and special corporate packages 

                               Make your customers or staff feel valued!

There is only one place BIG enough to host your large group on the ice, and that is Lake of the Woods Ice Sleepers. We can comfortably sleep up to 18 people on the ice at once, and have any overflow stay at our nearby partnered fishing resort- Yellowbird Lodge which can easily accommodate up to additional 32 people between their 10 luxury lodge room suites, and large lakefront cottage.

We'll build you a mini-fishing town!

If booking multiple Ice Castles and you wish to all fish together, our team will set up all the Ice Castles in a mini-village style setting on the ice, including group outdoor bon-fire pit with freshly stocked fire wood, outdoor tables, and multiple outdoor seating as well as a large dedicated parking lot to accommodate all vehicles right at the Ice Castle site..

Pop ups and Permanent Day shacks:

We also offer heated day shacks, and pop up rentals for those wishing to move around throughout the day and chase other species. Lake of the Woods Ice Sleepers, offers the newest and largest fleet of luxury Ice Castles on Lake off the Woods Canada, so no matter the size of your group- we've got you covered!

Build a Life-long Connection:

There is no better way to 'disconnect to reconnect' with your valuable employees or customers. Reduce the everyday stresses of life and let us help you create memories that'll last a lifetime!

We also understand that for some- disconnecting from reality may be hard, so we are proud to announce that we now offer FAST high speed Starlink Internet for just $20 per day.


Stay Warm and Dry 

One of the best benefits of renting an ice castle is that it provides a warm, dry place to stay. This means no more shivering in cold weather or getting drenched in the rain—you can simply relax inside your ice castle rental and enjoy being out on the lake without having to worry about being uncomfortable or wet. 


Keep Your Supplies Safe and Secure 

An ice castle rental also provides a secure place to store all of your fishing gear and supplies while you're out on the lake. From rods and reels to coolers full of bait, you can keep everything safe and sound while you are busy catching fish. And since many ice castle rentals come with plenty of storage space, there's no need to worry about cramped quarters either!  


Be Prepared For Anything 

Finally, renting an ice castle will help ensure that you are always prepared for any situation that may arise while out on the lake. From sudden storms to minor emergencies, having a safe and comfortable place to retreat from potential danger is invaluable when it comes to staying safe during your fishing trips. Plus, many models even come equipped with first aid kits so that you can quickly take care of any minor injuries as well.  

Other Activities:

Looking to enhance the adventure further? Ask about some of these wonderful options:

•Cross Country Skiing 

•Snow Shoeing 

•Northern Light & Star-gazing

•Guided Snowmobile Tours 

Fish Species to Target Include:

•Lake Trout

•Northern Pike




Meals & Restaurant Options:

Each Ice Castle is fully equipped with full cooking facilities such as a stove, oven, microwave, fridge. Additional outdoor BBQ and propane cookers available upon request.

Don't feel like cooking? NO PROBLEM! Just call in your order to our partnered Yellowbird Lodge and enjoy meal delivery right to your Ice Castle! You read that correct; pizza, burgers, beers, wings.... FULL MENU options available for delivery daily!


Drive down our private ice road back to Yellowbird Lodge and enjoy access to all resort amenities such as bar, restaurant & hot tub- all included with you stay with us. Off-sales also available!


At LOTW Ice Sleepers & Eco Tours  we have a wide selection of  Ice Castles  Lake Of The Woods that are perfect for anglers or just outdoor enthusiasts alike. Contact us today to find out how we can help make your next fishing trip the most successful and comfortable one yet! 

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